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Are CBD Bath Bombs That Good For You?

Bath bombs have been known to enhance your bath time experience by relaxing the body and creating an aromatic sensation. To boost qualities found in your preferred bath time treat, we have added CBD!

Strawberry & Prosecco CBD Bath Bombs!

CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. By refining the extract we can draw out CBD in multiple ways (Isolate, Broad Spec, Full Spec), by doing this we can infuse it with other ingredients like Strawberry & Prosecco! 

We only use premium ingredients in all our cosmetics that focus on ways they can be beneficial to the skin. We always recommend you do your own research first. There are some great Facebook groups.

When choosing a CBD product, it is always important to know what you’re going to get! All our products come with 3rd party lab certificates and can be provided on request!

So What Are The Benefits?

CBD is a new industry that has evolved quickly, and due to the slow complex nature scientific research is minimal. 

Most of what people take as CBD’s ‘benefits’ come from their own experience or testimonials. A great way to get into the industry and see if CBD is right for what you need is to join chat groups and review threads.

CBD Bath Bomb

Research suggests that CBD can aid in moisturising the skin. Our bath bombs us natural essential oils and bath salts to increase the skin hydrating qualities found in our bath bombs.

Further studies have suggested that CBD could gave antibacterial and anti fungal effects.

How To Use CBD Bath Bombs

Fill up a nice warm bath and unwrap your CBD Bath Bomb. Gently place your bomb into the water and watch as it fizzes, releasing natural goodness into the water. It is important to remember to be careful when you entering and exiting the water, bath bombs may make the floor off the bath slippery.

It is important to remember that this bath bomb contains citric acid. Therefore, this can be used as a sunless tan remover. Bathe in the water for 20-60 minuets and use a flannel or exfoliator glove to gently rub your skin. After that you will find the sunless tan begins to slide off with ease. For trickier areas, lightly exfoliate, rinse and moisturise after your bath.