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CBD Soaps That Smell Great And Can Change Your Morning Routine

Is CBD Just A Craze?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good soak in a nice, warm bath after a long day in the office! 

I’ve recently moved into a flat which only has a shower and I’m missing those long post work micro decompressions. There’s something about a shower doesn’t have the same calming fix that I’m craving. Maybe it’s being pelted by tiny water droplets or the effort of having to stand up – either way a nice warm bath wins hands down. CBD is becoming well known for its potential calming properties so to me it’s a match made in heaven.

Personally I’ve tried all the crazes when it comes to trends in the cosmetic industry. From getting charcoal face peels glued to my skin to kale cleanses that taste as bad as they look! I’ve tried them all. Nothing has risen to fame as quickly as CBD – it’s in everything now! From cosmetics to gummies, it’s even found its way into our water! It seems like nothings safe from a cheeky infusion of CBD…but why is that?

It seems like the world is divided when it comes to CBD, the modern day marmite if you will. From where I stand the biggest cause of the divide is misinformation and grandiose claims by companies.

What Does CBD Soap Not Do?

So let’s put some of those claims to rest. CBD soaps are not going to get you high! Most CBD products will either contain Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate. More on this here:

The Nitty Gritty
Before even opening your CBD Soap bar your nose will be enticed with a cacophony of fragrances.  From sleepy lavender notes to a refreshingly sweet strawberry & Prosecco, these bars do not disappoint. The really interesting thing that I found using these products is how they felt on the skin. The soap did not feel greasy and left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Would I recommend? Of course, I’m biased! 

But what I would say is that you have little to lose, and who knows, it just might surprise you!

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